Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot

Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot
Wavego 12-DOF Bionic Robot


De WAVEGO is een bionische robot die beschikt over 2.3kg.cm grote torsie servo's en een betrouwbare structuur waardoor de robot een zeer flexibele beweging heeft. Door de aanwezigheid van o.a. een camera, een 9-assige motion tracker en diverse sensoren kan je de Wavego laten bewegen en aansturen via  met open source web applicatie. De Wavego maakt gebruik van een ESP32 als subcontroller en een Raspberry Pi 4 als host controller.


  • Multi-link leg structure and inverse kinematics algorithm, increasing the servo effective torque
  • ICM20948 9-axis motion tracker, can use self-balancing mode
  • 2.3kg.cm high-torque steering gear, the locked-rotor torque is up to 5.2kg.cm and the scalability is stronger
  • ESP32 is equipped with an OV2640 camera which can realize low-latency image transmission with the 2.4G external antenna
  • The body parts are composed of 5052 aluminum alloy and PA12 nylon parts. There are 40 sets of bearings used in each joint of the whole body, and the structure is firm and reliable
  • Integrate a variety of interactive devices like a 0.96inch OLED screen, two RGB-LED indicators, an active buzzer, etc.
  • The example code is developed by using Arduino IDE, there's no need to manually configure the compilation environment, the ESP32 will automatically establish a WIFI hotspot when it is turned on, you can use a mobile phone (Android/iOS) or computer (Linux/Windows/Mac) to connect and log in to the control page. A Chromium-based browser is enough, no app download is required
  • With charging interface and automatic download circuit, you can use the robot while charging
  • Onboard two series 18650 batteries(NOT included), 5200mAh large capacity, larger output current and stronger servo power
  • Onboard lithium battery protection circuit with anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge, anti-over-current and short-circuit protection functions
  • The onboard AINA219 acquisition chip is convenient for real-time monitoring of battery voltage and charging current
  • 2*5P expansion interface is reserved for the remaining IO and serial port of ESP32. The functions include RGB expansion, RX0, TX0, G21, G15, G12, 3V3, 5V and GND, which can be used to communicate with the host computer or connect to other devices.
  • The Raspberry Pi can be installed as the upper computer to communicate with the lower computer through the serial port. As the lower computer(ESP32) can share a lot of computing power of the rod inverse solving and gait generation, leaving more resources for the Raspberry Pi for high-level function development
  • The Raspberry Pi kit is equipped with a cooling fan and an ultra-wide-angle lens. The Raspberry Pi routine includes a web application based on Flask-Streaming, which can use the functions developed based on OpenCV such as face recognition, color tracking and motion detection
  • All codes are open source and provide rich development documents and tutorials
Product nameWAVEGO high-DOF bionic quadruped robot  
Stand uplength 218mm, width 116mm, height 152mm  
Lie downlength 228mm, width 116mm, height 127mm  
Overall weightBASIC: 465g (with batteries)  
EX / PI4 KIT: 554g (with batteries)  
DOF12 overall, 3 per single leg  
Operating system
Demo codeFreeRTOS + Raspberry Pi OS  
Motion performance
Available gaitshake hands | stand up | crouch slowly | diagonal gait | jump | self-balancing  
Motion extensionProviding motion programming example, including flexible Bezier curve speed motion function  
Max loadBASIC: 300g  
EX / PI4 KIT: 200g  
Servo info
Dimensions23.2 x12.1 x25.25 mm  
Weight13.0 ± 1g  
Operating voltage6V  
Idle speed0.1sec/60° (100RPM)  
Stalling torque2.3kg.cm (31.99oz.in)  
Rated load0.7kg.cm  
Rated current350mA  
Control methodPulse width modification  
Control system typeDigital comparator  
Visual function
FreeRTOS demoweb-based real time video streaming  
Raspberry Pi OS demoreal time video streaming | facial recognition | color tracking | moving object detection  
Note: all the demo codes are open sourced, the Raspberry Pi OS demo is based on open source projects flask-streaming and OpenCV  
Processor and memory
ESP32 sub controllerProcessor: Xtensa LX6 dual-core processor @240MHz  
SRAM: 520KB+8MB  
Flash: 448KB+4MB  
WiFi standard802.11b/g/n  
Bluetooth standardBluetooth 4.2, including traditional Bluetooth (BR/EDR) and Bluetooth low energy (BLE)  
External port2*5P multi-function extension port (host controller communication, power supply selection, assembly mode selection, etc.)  
DC battery charger jack  
Type-C (download, UART communication, peripheral expansion)  
Power supplyBattery type: 18650 Li-ion batteries (NOT included)  
Supply voltage: 7-8.4V  
Recharge voltage: 8.4V  
Protection: over charge/discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, reverse proof, equalizing charge, stable and safe operating  
Output voltage: provides 5V output for other host controller  


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Pakket Inhoud

  • WAVEGO body case x1
  • WAVEGO basic parts x1
  • Raspberry Pi extension holder x1
  • 5MP wide angle camera x1
  • Cooling fan x1
  • Semi-transparent acrylic panel x1
  • Double-sided sticker x1
  • Micro thrust bearing x14
  • Micro ball flange bearing x30
  • WAVEGO base board x1
  • 2MP camera x1
  • 2.4G antenna x1
  • 0.91inch OLED display x1
  • Plus screwdriver x1
  • Cross wrench sleeve x1
  • 4PIN PH2.0 cable x1
  • IPEX 1 to SMA cable (~17cm) x1
  • Jumper wire (~20cm) x4
  • USB cable (~1m) x1
  • Servo pack x1
  • OPTIONS 8.4V 2A battery charger x1
  • Screws and standoffs x1


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