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Hifiberry AMP100

Productcode: KW-2798
Hifiberry AMP100
Hifiberry AMP100
Hifiberry AMP100
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The HiFiBerry Amp100 is a 100W-per channel DAC/Amplifier. It combines a DAC+ Pro and a powerful 100W-per-channel Class-D amplifier.

It will be powered by an external 12-30V power supply. It will also provide power to the Raspberry Pi, no separate power supply for the Pi is needed.

It can also be equipped with the DSP add-on board to add digital signal processing capabilities. The onboard SPDIF input and output connectors will only be active with the DSP-add on board! Please consult the data sheet to understand the limitations of the TOSLink input and output.


  • Stereo DAC with sample rates up to 192kHz/24bit, based on the HiFiBerry DAC2 Pro design
  • Up to 2x100W output power output
  • Can be extended with the HiFiBerry DSP add-on board
  • Onboard TOSLink input/output (requires DSP add-on board)
  • Uses a single external power supply 12-30V to power the amplifier and the Raspberry Pi
  • No soldering, comes as a pre-fabricated kit, just plug it onto the Raspberry Pi
  • Comes with all components required to mount it
  • Dimensions 12x18x4 cm, weight is 180 grams

Please check the official datasheet for all the necessary installation information

  1. Power input, barrel jack
  2. TOSLink input connector (requires DSP add-on)
  3. Toslink output connector (requires DSP add-on)
  4. Power connector, screw terminal
  5. DSP I2S output connector
  6. DSP I2S output connector
  7. Right speaker output
  8. Left speaker output
  9. DSP add-on connectors






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