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Arduino boards, shields en accessoires

Arduino is een open-source physical computing-platform gebaseerd op een microcontroller board en een ontwikkelomgeving voor het schrijven van software voor de beschikbare boards. Dit platform is geschikt voor hobbyisten, artiesten, kunstenaars en iedereen die geïnteresseerd is in het maken en ontwerpen van slimme en creatieve objecten die kunnen reageren op hun omgeving. Naast de originele Arduino boards, verkopen we ook Arduino compatibele boards van andere fabrikanten.

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Get started with the Internet of Things! Learn how to collect, store, and visualize data, build remotely controlled applications, and improve everyday life with smart devices. Teach students about the different applications of the Internet of Things by building real-world smart devices.Explo..
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Bring your ideas to life with the latest Arduino hardware and softwareArduino is an affordable and readily available hardware development platform based around an open source, programmable circuit board. You can combine this programmable chip with a variety of sensors and actuators to sense your..
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De Arduino Mega2560 is gebaseerd op de ATmega2560 chip en heeft 54 digitale input/output pinnen (waarvan er 15 voor PWM kunnen worden gebruikt), 16 analoge input pinnen, 4 UARTs (hardware seriële poorten), een 16 MHz kristal oscillator, een USB-aansluiting, een power jack, een ICSP header, en e..
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Need to connect a device to a CAN (Controller Area Network) for communication within an automobile and with other CAN devices? The Arduino MKR CAN shield will provide automotive CAN connectivity.With this shield you can easily connect to a CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus. Discover new possibil..
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Want to connect several Seeed Studio Grove modules to your Arduino board? The Arduino MKR CONNECTOR CARRIER is the perfect companion for Arduino MKR boards and a Grove ecosystem.Do you have several components to connect to your project and would rather use connectors instead of soldering? The Ar..
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The MKR ENV Shield allows a MKR board to acquire environmental data collected by an array of sensors.These sensors are of the latest generation and measure:Atmospheric pressure Temperature and humidity Light intensity (in LUX, max 650)To help you build projects and store the dat..
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You may want to connect an Arduino MKR board with an Ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. An Ethernet connection can sometimes be stabler, faster, and more secure. To do this, plug in the Arduino MKR ETH shield.Are you developing a project for an environment where wireless connections are unava..
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If you are experimenting with monitoring fleets, high-altitude scientific experiments, or any kind of project requiring localization of devices, the MKR GPS Shield will offer you the functionality you need, and it is plug 'n' play!The MKR GPS Shield is based on the u-blox SAM-M8Q GNSS (G..
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Control what you want, how you want to. The MKR IoT Carrier provides infinite possibilities for IoT projects. No soldering required! The integrated sensors, circuits and display leave you free to focus on programming and prototyping your ideas, rather than wiring and troubleshooting.Data Capture..
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Are you developing a complex IoT device with your MKR board and running out of memory? Add Flash memory and microSD storage to your MKR board, and allow over-the-air updates, with the Arduino MKR MEM Shield.The Arduino MKR MEM shield will allow you to add more flash memory and storage. It provid..
Arduino MKR Motor Carrier Arduino MKR Motor Carrier
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Productcode: ARD-ASX00003
Want to connect several motors and sensors to your mechatronic project? The Arduino MKR Motor Carrier is the perfect companion for Arduino MKR boards as it will allow you to rapidly prototyping and build your projects.The MKR Motor Carrier is an MKR add-on board designed to control servo, DC, an..
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The new standard Narrow Band IoT, with the easy to use Arduino ecosystem. Fully compatible with Narrow Band IoT NB classes and LTE CAT M1 networks.Add Narrow Band communication to your project with the MKR NB 1500. It's the perfect choice for devices in remote locations without an Internet c..
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