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The MagPi - #98 - Build a Raspberry Pi Portable Computer

Product Code: KW-2718
The MagPi - #98 - Build a Raspberry Pi Portable Computer
The MagPi - #98 - Build a Raspberry Pi Portable Computer
The MagPi - #98 - Build a Raspberry Pi Portable Computer
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Inside The MagPi magazine #98

  • Build a portable computer. Code on-the-go with the Raspberry Pi 2Go portable workstation.

  • Play classic console games. Discover a range of ways to buy and source classic games legally for Raspberry Pi.

  • PiBoy DMG. Is this seemingly ultimate handheld console worth the price? Our review rates it very highly.

  • Learn beginner electronics. Resources to help you get started in the world of electronics using Raspberry Pi.

  • 10 Amazing IoT projects. Use a Raspberry Pi to make your life just that extra bit smarter with our guide to the best Internet of Things projects.

  • Home music system. PJ continues to build the ultimate home music system with Raspberry Pi. Now let’s fill your home with sound.

  • DIY Score Counter. Need to keep score? Then Tyler McKay’s project is going to win over your heart.

  • Run code automatically. Got code that you need to run every time your system starts? Our tutorial will explain how.

  • 17000 ft. How do you get the internet over three miles up the Himalayas? That’s what the 17000 ft Foundation and Sujata Sahu had to figure out.

  • SUDO Sudoku solving robot. Fans of brain-training puzzles may be aghast, but there’s a Raspberry Pi robot that can solve sudokus.

  • Air Hockey Robot. Fancy pitting your wits against a robotic air hockey defender? This one is clever, very clever.

  • Weather Station. One maker is making sure he won’t get caught in the rain without an umbrella.

  • Sonic Kayak. While gathering valuable environmental data, this waterborne sensor system plays ambient sounds.

  • CubeSat. The industrial version of Raspberry Pi, Compute Module lends itself well to space travel.

  • AI Noise Sensor. Smarter and more useful than traditional recordings, the AI Noise Sensor actually knows what is making a sound.

  • Plus! Win one of three M.A.R.S Rover robots.


Product CodeKW-2718
BrandRaspberry Pi


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