The Magpi - #103 - #Month of Making

Product Code: KW-2793
The Magpi  - #103 - #Month of Making
The Magpi  - #103 - #Month of Making


Inside The MagPi magazine #103

  • #MonthOfMaking. Discover new ways of making with Raspberry Pi.
  • Easy Raspberry Pi Pico Projects. Don’t get stuck with Raspberry Pi’s new microcontroller. These projects help you get started.
  • Recreate Amiga 600 with Raspberry Pi. Can’t afford a classic computer? 3D-print your own case and use Raspberry Pi on the inside.
  • Make a Pico Pomodoro Timer. Transform Pico into a digital timer with Pimoroni’s Display Pack.
  • Build a digital do-not-disturb sign. Wirelessly connect a digital screen and buttons to make a smart sign that alerts people when you’re busy.
  • Turbocharge Raspberry Pi 400 with an M.2 SSD drive. Make your Raspberry Pi 400 vastly faster with an SSD drive.
  • SmartiPi Pro and RasPad 3 tested and rated. We take a look at new touchscreen display cases.
  • Use AI to detect birds and squirrels in your garden. Keep an eye on the critters in your yard with this smart project.
  • Win! RFID Hats. Build your own tap-and-go projects.

The Magpi - #103 - #Month of Making
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Product CodeKW-2793
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