Aspara Nature Smart Grower

Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower
Aspara Nature Smart Grower


The Nature Smart Grower from aspara is a luxurious indoor "smart garden" equipped with LED grow lights and various smart sensors to optimize the growth of your vegetables and herbs. With the special app for your phone, you can monitor important conditions such as water level, nutrients level, temperature and humidity. When your plants need attention you can get a notification through the special app on your phone.

With this device you can grow your favorite vegetables and herbs indoors all year round.

  • Patented LED system
  • 30 preset light programs for 15 different plants
  • Fully automated central watering system
  • Smart sensors: Using the latest technology, sensors monitor your environment for optimal growing conditions
  • Automatic watering system: Aerates your plants and takes care of their nutritional needs using specialized ebb and flow technology
  • Soil free and clean: Plant your seeds at any time of the year and see them grow up to 5x faster than traditional methods
  • App Control: Manage your growing programs manually or through an app and get instant updates on the progress of your seeds/plants.

Patent Pending LED Grow Lights with Variable Spectrum

  • Stimulate the growth of different plants at different growth stages
  • Alter the light spectrum and intensity automatically

Auto Watering and Removable Reservoir

  • Design with standalone removable reservoir
  • Water your plant automatically

Built-in Smart Sensors

  • Detect nutrient, air temperature, humidity, light intensity, water temperature and water level
  • Monitor growth conditions and notify users when need to add water and nutrients

Built-in Planting Programs

  • Provide specific planting programs for each plant species
  • Apply the most appropriate light intensity automatically
  • Designated planting programs help plants grow 50% faster

aspara® Mobile App

  • Connect the aspara® Nature with the app to extend the smart grower’s function
  • Monitor and control of the smart grower, get planting guidance and tips, and share the successful planting joy with friends and family

Simple to Use

  • Start with 3 steps
  • Receive notification when care is needed during planting
  • Harvest your herbs and vegetables in about 4 weeks


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