Totem XL Maker kit

Totem XL Maker kit
Totem XL Maker kit
Totem XL Maker kit
Totem XL Maker kit
Totem XL Maker kit
Totem XL Maker kit


Totem XL Maker Kit includes everything you need to build with Totem. Totem XL maker kit is perfect for small makers communities, bigger projects or Totem fans that love to have a bit more in stock. 75% Larger than Totem Maker Kit!

Makers around the world proven that Totem system is perfect for:

  • Complex mechanical structures
  • DIY projects
  • Robots for hobby and education
  • Prototypes
  • Cases for electronics
  • STEM education

User-friendly one size philosophy

Totem XL Maker Kit provides one size of Beams and Boards together with Special Tools. This goes hand in hand with our main user-friendly philosophy of providing building elements that you can shape according to your needs.

Totem XL Maker Kit: for those who want to experience full Totem potential

  • Plastic is pleasant to use, lightweight, easy to shape, but still makes sturdy structures.
  • Cut Beams, Boards and Strip Brackets with special Tools. No need to store lots of different elements in yours workshop

Totem XL Maker Kit is equipped with

  • 1710 building pieces:
    – Beams – L400 × H10 × H10 mm – 35 pieces.
    – Boards – 10x10cm – 10 pieces.
    – Brackets – 18 type of brackets, total 645 pieces.
    – Bolts and Nuts – 930 pieces.
    – Fillers – for nice corner finishing.
  • Beams and boards are easy to cut to the needed length.
  • Informative printed user guide book.
  • All tools for shaping basic building elements – Beams and Boards.
  • Small parts are provided in a convenient compartment box.

Totem – a complete building system

  • Totem structures are fast to build, which makes the system a great prototyping tool.
  • Unique beam, big variety of connection methods, easily changeable and strong structures makes whole prototyping process very efficient.
  • Mounting motors and electronics never been easier.

Unique Totem Beam – expand by adding almost anything anywhere on a structure

  • Nuts stay in structure: special Totem Nut M3 10x6 stay in the structure of Beam before Bolts are tightened.
  • Add element or expand structure anywhere: special layout of slots and holes makes Beam a versatile element to construct shapes: it’s easy to expand structure, by adding other Beam or Board, or any other element at any point of the Beam.
  • Unique Beam Grid: one side of the Beam has a grid of 2x6 mm slots, convenient for fitting various different brackets and nuts. The other Beam side has a grid of circular 3.1 mm diameter slots, perfect for fastening bolts.
  • Beam versatility: easily fasten brackets and nuts on both sides of the Beam. This lets you build your projects without a complicated structural planning of beams positions.
  • Unique invention: the invention of beams is unique and is protected by patent.


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