Octofiber 1.75mm PLA White 0.75kg

Product Code: OCT-PLA175-WIT
Octofiber 1.75mm PLA White 0.75kg
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Octofiber 1.75mm PLA White 0.75kg


Octofiber white PLA filament is produced from pure PLA and carefully monitored pigments and is processed under the highest quality controls. This ensures a consistent product, with accurate printed objects as a result. PLA is well known for its good 3D printing properties and is suitable for many applications like household appliances, toys and decorations.

Printer compatibility

This 1.75mm product is compatible with most 1.75mm 3D printers. We have tested Octofiber on a variety of machines; delta printers, repraps and Felix to name a few. All with different (dual) hotends, and nozzle diameters.

Printing guidelines

The values below are a safe starting point to obtain good results, but may not be optimal for your printer. for example a delta printer can achieve much higher speeds than a direct drive would. Anyways, contact us if you cannot get it working.

Printer settings

Printing speed30-60mm/s
Bed temperature55 °C
Nozzle temperature210 °C

Use them as a starting point, optimal values for your specific printer may vary from the values shown above, depending on e.g. nozzle diameter, exact printing speed and layer height to name a few.

Bed adhesion

Many strategies are possible to get Octofiber PLA properly to your print-bed: clean glass, blue painters tape, glue stick, hairspray, special 3D printing stickers. Whichever option you choose, a heated bed is not necessary, but will further simplify good adhesion.

Octofiber 1.75mm PLA White 0.75kg
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Product CodeOCT-PLA175-WIT


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