:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit

Product Code: KW-2298
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit


Compose a monophonic micro:bit musical masterpiece with the Kitronik :KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit. It features 15 capacitive touch pads, with 13 arranged as a single octave and 2 up down function buttons that can allow you to shift octaves.

:KLEF also features; an on-board amplifier circuit for extra 'more', an on-board speaker, and an on-board edge connector that the micro:bit slots into.

To use the Piano, the BBC micro:bit should be inserted firmly into the edge connector, either way round. If the Link Header is being used, the BBC micro:bit LED display should be facing the Piano keys.

Power is provided via a 5V micro USB connector, and the board then produces a regulated 3.3V supply which is fed into the 3V and GND connections to power the connected BBC micro:bit, removing the need to power the BBC micro:bit separately. This also powers the capacitive touch sensor IC and audio amplifier.

The potential uses for the :KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit don't have to be just musical in nature. You can use the piano keys to transmit from the micro:bit attached to the board to other micro:bits over radio. And if that other microbit happened to be inserted into a :MOVE mini... Piano remote control! You can even take control of the :MOVE minis ZIP LEDs! Of course, we 'tested' this extensively.


  • Compose music using the micro:bit!
  • Learn coding and explore music at the same time
  • Write code using the MakeCode, MicroPython, and Mu editors
  • Use it as a control surface to trigger the sending of data via the microbits radio module
  • Use it as a remote control for your Buggies/Robots


  • Length: 100mm
  • Width: 110mm
  • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Max Height (No micro:bit): 17.3mm
  • Max Height (With micro:bit): 53.3mm
:KLEF Piano for the BBC micro:bit
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Product CodeKW-2298
Compatible withmicro:bit V2, micro:bit V1


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