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Educational Electronics

Our range of educational electronics is great for schools and other educational institutions that focus on STEM education. Learn the basics of electronics, learn to program and build cool robots. Our products show that learning doesn't have to be boring at all!

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The newest version of the very popular Micro USB Lamp Kit allows you to build an economic mains powered lamp that takes power from a standard Micro USB phone charger (available separately). The previous version was built using a breakout board, V2.0 features a board designed specifically for purpose..
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This record and playback kit allows a short (10 second) message to be recorded and played back at the push of a button. It can be used as a voice recorder or as a sound recorder, capture an audio reminder, a snippet of a song or a sound effect. There is one button to play the message and another to ..
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This round 5V LED matrix lamp Kit offers a really bright light, which is compact and easy to mount. The unit is supplied with 9 white super flux LEDs, which collectively output around 16,000 mCd. The unit incorporates current limit resistors, allowing it to be run from a 5V supply or 3 x AA batterie..
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The Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit for the BBC micro:bit provides an exciting way to learn about the relationship between plants and their environment. The user will learn how to monitor environmental conditions and then how to build automated systems that react to them. Grow a crop of plants with th..
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The Kitronik LED Strip with power switch is a board designed for low power lightings, such as desk lamps or accent lights. It's discreet size and straightforward layout make it perfect for creative lighting enclosures. The board has a micro USB power connector and has been designed so that it is..
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The Kitronik Halo HD board for the BBC micro:bit incorporates 60 individually addressable full colour ZIP LEDs. It also breaks out P1 and P2 to a standard 0.1 footprint, it features a MEMS microphone for detection of sound, and a piezo buzzer to play sound. If that weren't enough, it also featur..
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The Kitronik Klaw MK2 Robotic Gripper Kit is the latest version of the original and popular Kitronik Klaw and is a great addition to any robotics or buggy project.It has been carefully redesigned so that it is now also compatible with both the MOVE:mini Mk1 and Mk2. On Mk1 it can be mounted to t..
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The Kitronik LAB:bit for the BBC microbit offers a super fun way for children to learn about coding in an engaging and hands-on way. It has been specifically designed for the classroom for KS2 computing and is backed by online MakeCode tutorials, simplified custom blocks, and a detailed getting star..
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The LAMP:bit features connections which allow the microbit to be bolted/clipped directly to it. It has been designed to replicate a streetlight, in form and function. This is a great board for use in transportation projects and has been designed to fit the same aesthetic as the STOP:bit, so that the..
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Learn to Code Challenge Cards teach the fundamentals of coding through fun robot games. Learn about loops, events, conditionals, sequences and more while you play. This box set contains 72 full-color, illustrated challenge cards that will provide 100's of hours of learning for classroom..
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