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Imagination Kit Imagination Kit
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2734
Imagination KitPractice storytelling and problem-solving with the Imagination Kit. Pick a challenge, sketch your idea in the imagination sketchbook then build your solution to complete the story. Create an amusement park, shears for sheep, a sports arena, a pollution-fighting device. Discover ..
€ 41.97 € 59.95
Inventor Kit Inventor Kit
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2732
Inventor KitOur Inventor kit comes with 450 pieces plus instructions for 21 activities to create several small projects including a dino head and catapult. Grab a friend and invent something amazing together. Learn about engineering and develop problem-solving and motions skills in a funny way..
€ 27.97 € 39.95
Maker Kit Maker Kit
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2731
Maker KitThe Maker kit is an introduction to building with Strawbees and comes with 200 pieces plus instructions for 16 activities. Experiment with the connectors by building geometric shapes, a puppy, butterfly, or let the extra activities inspire you!Key FeaturesCreat..
€ 16.77 € 23.95
Robotic inventions for the Micro:bit (10 pack) Robotic inventions for the Micro:bit (10 pack)
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2736
Robotic Inventions for micro:bit – 10 PackA classroom set of 10 robotics boards to make it even easier to attach and program servo motors with the micro:bit! You can also control two RGB-pixel lights to create a full light spectrum for a show. This board comes with a removable Strawbees ..
€ 244.65 € 349.50
STEAM Starter Kit STEAM Starter Kit
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2730
STEAM Starter KitThe STEAM Starter kit is a personal sized building set with 420 pieces to build several small towers, moving mechanical cranes and arms. The building set comes with 5 different precut straw sizes and 4 color-coded connectors organized in the box.Key Features..
€ 16.77 € 23.95
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