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Braccio++ Robotic Arm Braccio++ Robotic Arm
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ARD-T050002
The next level up from the Tinkerkit Braccio robot, Braccio++ is a revolutionary new robotic arm designed solely for higher education, including engineering schools and university institutes of technology – or even advanced high school and college students studying the sciences, industrial sci..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: DF-ROB0128
The Devastator tank mobile robot platform is constructed from high strength aluminium alloy and is extremely solid and durable. Due to the popularity of this platform DFRobot have released a new and improved version 2 that includes the following features:New body shape for easy construction a..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ARD-T050000
Unlock the unlimited possibilities of robotics with Braccio! You can assemble your Braccio in a multitude of ways. Because it is designed for versatility, the Braccio can also support various objects on the end of the arm.For example, you can use Braccio:With your camera to follow a subje..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ARD-K000007
Quickly and easily get started with learning electronics using the Arduino Starter Kit, which have a universal appeal to STEM fans at home, businesses in STEAM industries, and schools alike. No prior experience is required, as the kits introduce both coding and electronics through fun, engaging, and..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ARD-A000066
The Arduino Uno is the best board to get started with electronics and coding. If this is your first experience tinkering with the platform, the UNO is the most robust board you can start playing with. The Uno is the most used and documented board of the whole Arduino family.Arduino Uno is a micr..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: SS-110060024
Grove is a modular electronic platform for quick prototyping. Every module has one function, such as touch sensing, creating audio effect and so on. Just plug the modules you need to the base shield, then you are ready to test your idea buds.The more frequently encountered modules are included i..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-19399
A 2.13 E-paper cloud module with 2000mAh battery, now customize your text/image wirelessly! Controllable with an app and through the ESP32 module.FeaturesContains ESP32, supports Arduino No backlight, retains the display of the last upload for a long time, even when the power goes out ..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ADA-3677
What's smaller than a Feather but larger than a Trinket? It's an ItsyBitsy! Small, powerful, Arduino-compatible - this microcontroller board is perfect when you want something very compact, but still with a bunch of pins.ItsyBitsy is only 35mm long by 18mm wide, but has 6 power pins, 6 a..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ADA-4000
Give your next project a lift with AirLift - Adafruit's witty name for the ESP32 co-processor that graces this Metro M4. You already know about the Adafruit Metro M4 featuring the Microchip ATSAMD51, with it's 120MHz Cortex M4 with floating point support. With a train-load of ..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ADA-2590
Make your Arduino-based project tiny and with the Adafruit METRO Mini! The METRO Mini works great with the Arduino IDE, and runs the ATmega328P at 16MHz so it is pin-compatible with Arduino UNO R3 - note you won't be able to plug in shields, but great for use with breadboards. You can use this w..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: ADA-4242
What fits in your pocket, is fully Open Source, and can run CircuitPython, MakeCode Arcade or Arduino games you write yourself? That's right, it's the Adafruit PyGamer! Adafruit wanted to make an entry-level gaming handheld for DIY gaming, and maybe a little retro-emulation. It's no..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-12911
This AlphaBot2 robot kit is designed to use with an Arduino compatible controller (not included). It features rich common robot functions including line tracking, obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, infrared remote control, Bluetooth communication, etc.Thanks to the highly integrated modular desi..
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