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This is an E-Ink display HAT V3.x for Raspberry Pi, 2.13inch, 250x122 resolution, with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface, supports partial refresh.Due to the advantages like ultra low power consumption, wide viewing angle, clear display without electricity, it is an ideal choi..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-10299
The Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera plugs directly into the CSI connector on the Raspberry Pi, and features two high intensity Infrared LED spotlights for night time recording! The IR LED's are powered directly from the CSI port, and are capable of lighting an area at a distance of up to 8..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-11638
The Raspberry Pi Relay Board gives your Pi the ability to control high voltage/high current devices, easily makes normal home appliances become intelligent devices.FeaturesHigh quality relays, loads up to 250VAC/5A, 30VDC/5A Photo coupling isolation, prevent interference from high volta..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-12725
OverviewThis RGB LED HAT can be easily attached on top of the Raspberry Pi to display colorful effect, and controlled by only one signal pin.FeaturesSupports any revision of Raspberry Pi (directly-pluggable) Onboard 4 × 8 RGB LED (WS2812B) Control pin is configurable via jum..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-12694
This is a 4 port USB hub for Raspberry Pi, providing more USB ports to your Pi. What's more, it features USB to UART converter for easy serial communication.It works with various versions of the Pi, and the size of the board is designed to perfectly fit the Zero / Zero W.Features4..
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This flex cable is specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero to be able to connect the Raspberry Pi Camera.The length of the cable is 300mm.Please note: The Raspberry Pi Zero is NOT included!..
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