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When KitiBot meets micro:bit, when kids meet programming, the mysterious robotics becomes simple, each interesting idea will come true. By using the graphical programming software, learning programming, and exploring robotics would be as easy as building blocks.This KitiBot tracked robot kit use..
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The WAVEGO is a bionic robot that features torsion servos and a reliable structure giving the robot a very flexible movement. Due to the presence of a camera, a 9-axis motion tracker and various sensors, you can make the Wavego move and control it via open source web application. The Wavego..
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A 0.96 inch 65K colors LCD display module for the Raspberry Pi Pico. Please make sure your Pico is equiped with male headers!Features160×80 resolution, IPS screen, 65K RGB colors, clear and colorful displaying effect SPI interface, requires minimal IO pins 1x joystick and 2x use..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-14972
This is an IPS LCD display HAT for the Raspberry Pi. A 1.3inch 240x240 display, with embedded controller, communicating via SPI interface.Trying to add a control interface for your Pi? This compact display would be the ideal choice.FeaturesStandard Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO extens..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-19376
A 1.3 inch OLED display for the Raspberry Pi Pico. Please make sure your Pico is equiped with male headers!FeaturesAdopts both 4-wire SPI and I2C interface for better compatibility and fast data rate two user buttons for easy interacting Standard female Raspberry Pi Pico header, suppo..
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The Pico-10DOF-IMU is an IMU sensor expansion module specialized for Raspberry Pi Pico. It incorporates sensors including gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, baroceptor, and uses I2C bus for communication.Combined with the Raspberry Pi Pico, it can be used to collect environment sensing data..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-21021
Een 10.1 inch IPS capacitief volledig gelamineerd touchscreen met een resolutie van 1920x1200.KenmerkenIPS scherm met gehard glas,1920x1200 resolutie, kijkhoek 160 graden Capacitieve touch bediening met ondersteuning voor 10-punts aanraking Wanneer gebruikt met een Raspberry Pi: Onder..
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Provide your project with a wide touch display with this 11.9 inch screen with a 320x1480 resolution. The screen can be used with a Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano and PC/laptop.Ideal for use as a touch panel in the wall, or simply as an extra wide display. The dimensions are 28.7 by 7 centimeters. ..
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A 15.6 inch Full HD HDR rechargeable display for universal use.The display has an integrated 10,000mAh battery (good for three to four hours of use), which makes the display usable on the go.The screen has toughened glass(6H), small hi-fi speakers on the front, a viewing angle of 178 degrees..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-16645
15.6inch, IPS, 1920x1080 Capacitive Touch Screen LCD with Toughened Glass Cover.Features15.6 inch IPS screen,1920x1080 high resolution Works on 12V Toughened glass capacitive touch panel, 6H hardness Supports Raspberry Pi, BB Black, as well as general desktop computers When works ..
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Did you encounter the PWM output limit of micro:bit when trying to make a robotic arm or whatever robot which requires lots of servo? We quite understand that situation, even we got an excellent solution. This handy servo driver breakout would be your ideal choice.Featuresmicro:bit edge c..
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A 2.13 E-paper cloud module with 2000mAh battery, now customize your text/image wirelessly! Controllable with an app and through the ESP32 module.FeaturesContains ESP32, supports Arduino No backlight, retains the display of the last upload for a long time, even when the power goes out ..
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