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Waveshare Electronics

Waveshare is a manufacturer of add-ons and displays (from LCD to E-ink) for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and micro:bit amongst others.

In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-23027
Aluminum Alloy Case For Raspberry Pi Zero, compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero / Zero 2 W series boards
€ 5.37 Ex Tax:
Product Code: WS-17286
This is an industrial USB to RS485 converter with original FT232RL inside.
€ 12.36 Ex Tax:
Product Code: WS-16239
A 4.3 inch DSI touchscreen for the Raspberry Pi. Connect the screen to your Raspberry Pi via the included DSI cable and the screen works immediately, no software or customization is required.
€ 37.15 Ex Tax:
Product Code: WS-23450
Add a 10.1-inch DSI screen with 1280x800 resolution to your Raspberry Pi!
€ 82.60 Ex Tax:
Product Code: WS-10299
Our Raspberry Pi Night Vision Camera plugs directly into the CSI connector on the Raspberry Pi, and features two high intensity Infrared LED spotlights for night time recording!
€ 20.62 Ex Tax:
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-16530
The RS232/485 TO ETH is an industrial RS232/RS485 to Ethernet converter.
€ 37.15 Ex Tax:
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-19399
A 2.13 E-paper cloud module with 2000mAh battery. Now you can customize your text/image wirelessly! Controllable with an app and through the ESP32 module.
€ 27.23 Ex Tax:
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-14595
A small stereo speakerset with. 4-pins JST connector.
€ 4.34 Ex Tax:
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: WS-19454
Equip your project with a wide 11.9-inch, 320x1480, touch screen. The screen can be used with a Raspberry Pi, Jetson Nano and PC/laptop.
€ 107.40 Ex Tax:
Product Code: WS-21177
Steel DIN-rail case for Raspberry Pi 4 with fan
€ 10.70 Ex Tax:
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