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Voltaic Systems

Voltaic Systems is a portable solar power company based in Brooklyn, New York. A drained phone in the middle of Spain led Voltaic's founder to design the first solar backpack. Since then, the number and types of electronic devices we use has multiplied and our relationship with them have become more intense. No matter where you or your devices are in the world, Voltaic's goal is to keep them charged. The products range from bare solar panels to complete sets including batteries and solar backpacks.


In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2215
Male 3.5x1.1mm plug on one end and male 3.5x1.1mm plug on the other. Ideal to extend your Voltaic cables...
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2140
Female 3.5x1.1mm plug on one end and and male 5.5x2.1mm plug on the other. Allows a direct connection from our 17 Watt panel or Arc 20 Watt folder to the V72 or from our 6 or 9 Watt panel to the V44...
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2141
Connects three panels in series or parallel - if 6Volt panels are used, output would be 6 or 18V depending on setting. Each input in the circuit box is 3.5mm x 1.1mm. Two outputs: male 5.5x2.1mm and a female 5.5x2.5mm plug. Used in Fuse 10W and Array..
9 Watt 18 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE 9 Watt 18 Volt Solar Panel - ETFE
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2896
The 9 Watt 18 Volt solar panel is lightweight, waterproof, and easily mountable for medium term (5-7 year) outdoor applications. Pairs with the Voltaic V88 or V70 battery packs. The panel features:UV- and scratch-resistant ETFE coating 6 mounting holes 12" cable with optional waterpr..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2809
Light, packable and powerful, the Arc 20W Solar Panel will power your gear wherever adventure takes you. Pair with Voltaic's V88 Laptop Battery to charge laptops and USB devices.Size and WeightSolar Panel Open: 77.2 x 24.4 x 0.3 cm Solar Panel Folded: 19.3 x 24.4 x 1.9 cm Wei..
Arc 45W Solar Panel Arc 45W Solar Panel
Out Of Stock
Product Code: KW-2950
Gebruik dit opklapbare 45W zonnepaneel op plekken waar geen stroom aanwezig is en je toch gebruik wilt maken van bv. je telefoon of laptop.Bij een goede zonconditie is het mogelijk je laptop binnnen drie tot vier uur op te laden met dit zonnepaneel!Wil je energie opvangen en opslaan via een ..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2278
Keep your laptop, DSLR, and smartphone charged with the Array Solar Backpack. Perfect for photographers and travelers, this solar powered backpack provides 10 Watts of solar power and thoughtful storage for all your gear and devices.FeaturesNEW! 24,000mAh Laptop Battery 25L of stora..
Converter Solar Backpack incl. V15 Battery Converter Solar Backpack incl. V15 Battery
Product Code: KW-2276
Never leave home unprepared again with the all new Converter Solar Backpack. Designed with high efficiency, matte black SunPower solar panels, this solar powered backpack keeps your phone and other USB devices charged wherever the day takes you.Features4,000mAh USB Battery Pack Easy-acc..
ETFE Panel Screw & Washer Set ETFE Panel Screw & Washer Set
New Out Of Stock
Product Code: KW-2994
Secure your Voltaic ETFE solar panel to any mounting bracket using this screw and washer set.Includes 3 Sets (Screw, Washer, & Postnut) Compatible with all Voltaic Mounting BracketsAssembly: Insert screw and washer through the front of the solar panel and bracket. Secure back post..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: VT-1032
Powerful and ready for adventure, the Fuse 9W Solar Tablet Charger stores and powers tablets, DSLR camera batteries (with optional USB Cradle), and smartphones on-the-go. Attach to your favorite pack or bicycle rack with the Fuse's universal attachment system.FeaturesUniversal attachm..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2279
The Generator Solar Laptop Bag combines a traditional briefcase with high performance solar power to charge laptops (including MacBooks with optional adapter), smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices.NEW! 24,000mAh USB-PD Laptop Battery Holds most 17" Laptops Recycled PET fabric ..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2408
Attach a Voltaic 17 Watt solar panel to any vertical or horizontal pole or vertical pipe.Rugged 2.5mm aluminum is built to withstand high winds and rough conditions.Compatible with Voltaic 17 Watt solar panel or two 3.5 Watt solar panels.It does not include u-bolt or pipe clamp..
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