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Beams - 400x10x10mm - cuttable (20-pack)

Product Code: TM-BM1-20
Beams - 400x10x10mm - cuttable (20-pack)
Beams - 400x10x10mm - cuttable (20-pack)
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Beams - 400x10x10mm - cuttable (20-pack)
Beams - 400x10x10mm - cuttable (20-pack)
Beams - 400x10x10mm - cuttable (20-pack)
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Totem provides plastic cuttable one size Beams, that reflect our main user-friendly philosophy of providing building elements that you can shape according to your needs.

Totem Basic Element

  • Totem Beams are one size –  L400 × H10 ×  H10 mm
  • Cuttable beams will fit for various different projects
  • Use simple but smart Totem Tools for cutting
  • No need to store lots of different elements in yours workshop
  • Plastic is pleasant to use, lightweight, easy to shape, but still makes sturdy structures
  • Can be reused many times

3-Dimensional Beams structure

  • Nuts stay in structure: special Totem Nut M3 10×6  stay in the structure of Beam before Bolts are tightened!
  • Add element or expand structure anywhere: special layout of slots and holes makes it to versatile element to construct any shapes: easy to expand structure, by adding other beam or board or any other element at any point on your project.
  • Totem Grid: The geometry of Totem is so that Brackets and Nuts are 2×6 mm profile, and they fit into beams in 2 directions.

  • Cut to make the size you need: Special Totem Beam Cutter: with 0,2 mm saw makes it a breeze to cut beams.
  • Unique invention: the invention of beams is unique and is protected by patent.


Product CodeTM-BM1-20


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