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Seeed is a hardware innovation platform for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. By working closely with technology providers of all scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge.

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Grove - I2C Motor Driver(L298P) is a commonly used motor driver for stepper motors and servo motors. It embeds an STM32 chip for burning the code to control the motor driver.Key FeaturesMCU: STM32F030F4P6 microcontroller for burning the code and control the Motor Driver. L298P Motor dri..
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TheGrove - I2C Thermocouple Amplifier (MCP9600) is a thermocouple-to-digital converter with integrated cold-junction and I2C communication protocol. This module is designed to be used in conjunction with a k-type thermocouple. The thermocouples have a much larger measurement range than thermistors. ..
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The Grove - IMU 9DOF (lcm20600+AK09918) is a 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU (Inertial measurement unit) which combines a gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass. The LCM20600 and AK09918 are used to implement these functions.The LCM20600 is a 6-axis MotionTracking device that combine..
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The Grove - Infrared Temperature Sensor Array (AMG8833) is a high precision infrared array sensor which based on advanced MEMS technology. It can support temperature detection of two-dimensional area: 8 x 8 (64 pixels) and maximum 7 meters detection distance.Seeed Studio provide both an Arduino ..
Grove - Integrated Pressure Sensor Kit (MPX5700AP) Grove - Integrated Pressure Sensor Kit (MPX5700AP)
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This Grove - Integrated Pressure Sensor Kit (MPX5700AP) is made for measuring air pressure in the range of 15Kpa to 700Kpa. This module is based on the advanced integrated silicon pressure sensor MPX5700AP, which has many merits such as high accuracy, good reliability, and n..
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The Grove - Laser PM2.5 Sensor (HM3301) is a new generation of laser dust detection sensors. It is used for continuous and real-time detection of dust in the air. With its stable output, low noise, and ultra-low power consumption, it is suitable for air conditioners, intelligent air purifiers, and o..
Grove - Mech Keycap Grove - Mech Keycap
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The Grove - Mech keycap is a mechanical switch with a built-in LED. The 255 full color RGB LED makes it simple and easy to show the states of your switch. This keycap is very reliable with 20,000,000 times press operating life.You will find that this is an interesting and stable module to make s..
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The Micro Switch is an electric switch that is actuated by very little physical force. By using the micro switch, a relatively small movement at the actuator button produces a relatively large movement at the electrical contacts, which occurs at high speed. It is widely used in many applications lik..
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Worried about not recognizing the gas around your workplace or other surroundings and environment? Here comes the excellent solutions we offer!  Grove - Multichannel Gas Sensor V2 has 4 measuring units, each of them is sensitive to various kinds of gases, which means you are able to get four se..
Grove - Optical Rotary Encoder (TCUT1600X01) Grove - Optical Rotary Encoder (TCUT1600X01)
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The Grove - Optical Rotary Encoder(TCUT1600X01) is a transmissive sensor that includes an infrared emitter and two phototransistor detectors. Usually, the infrared emitter emits infrared rays, the phototransistor detectors receives the infrared rays, then the phototransistor is turned on, both of th..
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This module is a bi-directional SPSD(single-pole, single-throw), normally open solid state relay(SSR). The Grove Optocoupler Relay (M281) offers very low on-resistance, which allowing a high load current rating. Unlike the other TRIAC SSR in our website, this relay is based on MOSFET, so it..
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Grove - Oxygen Sensor (MIX8410) is an electrochemical oxygen sensor and it can be used to test the oxygen concentration in air. Under the catalysis of the electrodes, a redox reaction occurs on the working electrode and the counter electrode, thereby generating a current. The concentration of oxygen..
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