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Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)

Product Code: PIM-541
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp)
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Pimoroni's Audio AMP SHIM, a super-simple, slimline way to hook up a 3W speaker to your Raspberry Pi. Output punchy digital I2S audio whilst leaving your GPIO pins conveniently accessible. Because there's no soldering required placing and removing the SHIM is very easy.

The MAX98357A combined DAC / amplifier chip takes high quality digital audio from your Pi and amplifies it so it can be used with an unpowered speaker. The push-fit connectors make it straight-forward to connect up your speaker, whether it's a bookshelf or floor-standing speaker, the speaker in an old radio or a small mini speaker.

Because Audio Amp SHIM adds no extra bulk to your Pi it's perfect for building into a compact enclosure - you could use it to make a tiny MP3 player to play local files or stream from services like Spotify, give a vintage radio the ability to play digital radio streams or incorporate bleepy noises into your very own retro handheld. It's also a handy way to add an an audio output to your Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi 400.


  • MAX98357A DAC / amplifier chip (datasheet)
  • Mono 3W audio out
  • Push-fit speaker terminals
  • SHIM-format board with friction-fit connectors
  • 2x mounting holes (M2.5) for if you want to secure everything together with bolts
  • Fully-assembled
  • No soldering required (*unless you're using a Pi that comes without a header)
  • Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
  • Dimensions: 63.3 x 15.2 x 5.4mm (L x W x D, including speaker connector)


For the best start, please check Pimoroni's Getting started with Pirate Audio tutorial.

You can install the SHIM with PImoroni's Pirate Audio software and installer.

Please check the GitHub of Pimoroni for detailed instructions!


Product CodePIM-541


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