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The Makey Makey is an inventor's kit for the 21st century! Turn everyday things into 'Touchpads' and use them to control your computer!
With the MakeyMakey you can take over functions of the computer (any brand, no drivers, no settings) with 2 threads!

So do some fun, such as:

  • Play piano on a banana
  • Draw your PacMan controller yourself, or
  • Control your computer's camera with the cat!

In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2289
Makey Makey GO allows today’s tinkerers, dreamers, and makers the mobility to invent anytime, anywhere. Makey Makey GO enables you to invent on the go – and change the world – with the snap of an alligator clip, transforming everyday objects into Internet touchpads. Small enough t..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: KW-2288
You may be the greatest living banana pianist, but how will you ever know if you don’t make yourself a banana piano? Good news! That project and countless others are easier than you think with Makey Makey.Using the Makey Makey you can make anything into a key just by connecting a few allig..
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