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In Stock: In Stock Product Code: CS-KIT-DRONE
Build and fly your own drone with the Circuit Scribe Drone Builder Kit!Power your cardboard arms with conductive silver ink, and connect your drone's  hub and motors. Download the controller app and take to the skies! The app includes easy-to-fly hover, takeoff and l..
Drone Classroom Kit Drone Classroom Kit
Product Code: CS-DRON-CL
Product DescriptionWe are excited to launch the Drone Classroom Kit, which is a great addition for your science and engineering classes, afterschool programs, summer camps and so much more. With this Drone Classroom Kit you can boost your STEM curriculum sky high.Build and learn to fly a d..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: CS-KIT-BASIC
Product DescriptionThe Basic Kit is an entry level kit with a full-size pen, light outputs, and so much more! Explore basic circuit concepts like conductivity and work up to creating two kinds of blinking circuits using both the blinker module and hand-drawn momentary switches.The Basic Ki..
Product Code: CS-B-WORKBOOK
The Circuit Scribe workbook contains lessons covering many concepts of electronics, from material conductivity to basic digital electronics. Everything is taught in an accessible way, using our innovative conductive ink technology, providing an excellent platform for anyone wanting to learn about el..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: CS-KIT-MINI
Product DescriptionThe Circuit Scribe Mini Kit is an accessible introduction to electronics featuring a compact version of the conductive ink pen. This affordable mini circuit kit guides you along exploration of basic circuit concepts by drawing conductive doodles & creating paper-based sw..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: CS-KIT-SUPER
Product DescriptionThe Super Kit contains a full-size pen and modules that introduce more advanced concepts, including light & sound to take your circuit sketches to the next level!This electronics kit for students allows you to explore conductivity & touch-sensitive circuits,..
Circuit Scribe Ultra Kit Circuit Scribe Ultra Kit
Product Code: CS-KIT-ULTRA
Product DescriptionEverything you need to create dynamic and fun paper circuits that light up, sound off, or move!  Explore concepts like conductivity, touch-sensitive circuits, timed circuits and more, all in the guided workbook.Plus, with the included Connector Cables you can c..
Everything Classroom Kit Everything Classroom Kit
Out Of Stock
Product Code: CS-KIT-EVERY
Product DescriptionThe Everything Classroom Kit is a great way to dive into electronics in your classroom or makerspace. This kit includes 25 sets of pens and modules to draw a wide variety of working circuits that use light, motion, and sound. You c..
Intro Classroom Kit Intro Classroom Kit
Product Code: CS-KIT-INTRO
Product DescriptionOur Intro Classroom Kit is the perfect way to introduce electronics to your classroom or makerspace. Geared toward younger students and more basic classes, the kit includes 25 sets of pens and modules to draw basic working circuits that use power, LEDs, and switches. ..
In Stock: In Stock Product Code: CS-PEN-RETAIL
Product DescriptionOur flagship conductive ink pen is now available alone! Order pens as replacements to use in your Circuit Scribe kits. Draw on any surface a rollerball pen will write on. The Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen can draw 60-200 meters depending on writing surface and speed..
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