Arduino voor Dummies - Dutch

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Arduino voor Dummies - Dutch
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Arduino voor Dummies - Dutch


Please note: This is the Dutch version of the Arduino for Dummies book. Get the English Arduino for Dummies here!

With Arduino, anyone is able to play with electronics, whether you are an artist, designer, programmer or hobbyist. With Arduino for Dummies, you'll learn to build different types of circuit boards that can sense and manage things in the real world. Want to build a prototype of your own product or create an interactive work of art? In this book you will read everything you need to successfully work on the project of your choice. It covers building and programming circuit boards and applying different shields and kits in your projects. Arduino combines hardware, software and endless creative possibilities!

John Nussey is a specialist in the field of physical computing. He has been working with Arduino for years: he created several interactive art installations and prototypes of products, and he teaches the use of Arduino in all kinds of projects.

Arduino voor Dummies - Dutch
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Product Code9789045351865


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