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Braccio++ Robotic Arm

Product Code: ARD-T050002
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
Braccio++ Robotic Arm
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The next level up from the Tinkerkit Braccio robot, Braccio++ is a revolutionary new robotic arm designed solely for higher education, including engineering schools and university institutes of technology – or even advanced high school and college students studying the sciences, industrial science or technology.

Features of Braccio++

  • Aimed at advanced high school and college students aged 16+
  • Access simple tutorials covering how to use and test the different parts of the hardware, including the display, joystick, buttons, and intelligent motors
  • Projects demonstrating how to test or play with Braccio++ once itʼs assembled
  • Up to three students can use one kit
  • Find even more project ideas on the Arduino community
  • Dedicated support for any questions
  • Available in English
  • 5 degrees of rotation
  • It can carry objects up to 400 grams
  • Accuracy of placement
  • Students can use the Braccio ++ for standard picks and place to inverse kinematics having in between hundred of different possibilities.
  • Braccio ++ is made by solid Ecoallene plastic and counts with a big base on which to mount it.
  • Specialized online content
  • Intelligent motors

Thereʼs not a lot this robotic arm with five degrees of freedom isnʼt capable of, and recreating a replica of an industrial robot used on an assembly line will teach students more about manufacturing processes, product design, robotics, and automation.

Braccio++ is fully optimized and can be assembled in several ways for multiple tasks, such as moving objects, mounting a camera and tracking your movements, or attaching a solar panel and tracking the movement of the sun. Its uses are almost limitless.

Students will learn real life applications of physical concepts through lifting, placing, and rotating an item. These concepts include motions, forces, torque, gear ratios, stability, and weight of payload.

Braccio++ offers a multitude of expansive possibilities from the very outset, including a new Braccio Carrier with LCD screen, new RS485 servo motors, and a totally enhanced experience

You can simply program and communicate with the new, intelligent Arduino smart servo motors,which are at the very heart of this new revision. One of the best features of the smart RS485 servo motors is that they share information with each other through asynchronous communication. In other words, it doesn't require a clock signal for synchronization.

In addition to the open-source hardware in the kit, thereʼs an e-learning platform with step-by-step instructions, lessons, and other learning materials. The student-optimized content that accompanies Braccio++ covers kinematics, dynamics, and control at university. For high school, it also covers computer-integrated manufacturing.

How is Braccio++ different from the TinkerKit Braccio robot?

Arduino made significant and expansive updates and improvements to the original TinkerKit Bracciorobot to create Braccio++. These include:

  • A completely new and fully optimized carrier with RS485 serial communication, an LCD screen,and a joystick
  • The kit now includes an Arduino board, the feature-packed Nano RP 2040 Connect
  • Instead of classic servo motors, the kit includes Arduino smart motors
  • USB C powers the carrier and motors, and can be even used for charging your computer
  • A more sustainable material is used, Ecoallene, instead of the ABS plastics
  • You have a bigger base on which to mount the Braccio
  • Improved packaging, allowing you to mount and transport your Braccio in the box
  • New, dedicated online content


Product CodeARD-T050002
PlatformRaspberry Pi (RP2040), Arduino


Package Contents

  • Assembly parts, screws, nuts, springs, and a screwdriver
  • Six Arduino RS485 Smart Servo Motors (four SR418D servo motors which control the arm joints, and two SR312 servo motors which control the claw)
  • Arduino Braccio Carrier
  • Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect
  • A printed guide on how to assemble the kit, make it work with the motors, and upload your first sketches


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